As a provider of remote site catering, management and support services, Australian Camp Services is experienced and passionate about delivering quality services to the mining, oil and gas, construction and civil industries in regional and remote locations across Australia.

about us

Australian Camp Services was founded in Australia in 2005, and has been supporting clients throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region since.

In 2009, Australian Camp Services joined with GCC Services, a well respected and renowned remote site services company with a global presence.

This has awarded Australian Camp Services with an expanded network of clients, suppliers and capabilities on an international scale.

No matter the company profile, project scope or budget, Australian Camp Services is committed to our clients.

Our corporate office, management teams, and ground staff are all driven with the tenacity to produce outcomes that reward project timelines, improve efficiencies and deliver results.

Our services include:

  • Accommodation and village management
  • Catering and food service operations
  • Cleaning and janitorial services
  • Facilities management and maintenance
  • Wet mess and retail operations
  • Building and grounds maintenance
  • Security and airport services
  • Procurement, transport and logistics


Australian Camp Services takes food seriously.

With our increasing drive to adopt a healthy attitude towards everyday food selection, Australian Camp Services takes a holistic approach to menu design, food preparation and service delivery.

When compiling menus we consult our experienced chefs to create dishes that are wholesome, tasty and full of variety. Our menus also undergo dietary analysis to ensure they adequately meet the nutritional needs of our clients’ busy lifestyles.

Upholding our Fresh Food Policy, we strive to maintain a commitment to local economies through the application of a short supply chain wherever possible. This in turn means our fresh produce really is ‘fresh’, and our food is handmade and cooked on site, so our flavour is better.


Australian Camp Services specialises in the management of accommodation facilities.

Our experience is in the delivery and management of all essential day-to-day services on site, often under extreme conditions.

Australian Camp Services understands that an effective management and reporting framework is essential for operational teams to smoothly and efficiently deliver accommodation management services on site. We have developed, and are continually improving, certified systems and best practice strategies that incorporate the following contract management tools:

  • High level KPIs
  • The latest software packages
  • Safety reporting systems
  • Subcontractor management
  • Internal and external compliance
  • Reporting
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • HACCP and ISO compliance
  • Safety and environmental certification alignment


Australian Camp Services offers cleaning and janitorial services to the resources and remote industries. We deliver professionally cleaned and maintained accommodation and working environments.

The accommodation and food services industries demand a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. We understand our clients’ expectations for such high standards, so engage our experienced team to recognise and respond to the specific needs of each contract.

 The technical expertise involved in maintaining hygienically clean work and living spaces is not underestimated – we look to best industry practice, quality products and materials, and work methodologies to continually improve the ISO quality systems and safety standards of our cleaning service.


We know camps.

As our name reflects, Australian Camp Services is experienced in the operation of permanent villages, construction camps, mobile rig camps and rapid deployment.

This experience gives us the knowledge and resources required to assist our clients in selecting the right camp type for their project needs.

We work closely with our clients to inform them about the best modular products on the market, and to help them select the modular accommodation, core facilities and associated infrastructure that will work best for their project. This early work saves time and ensures our clients are provided with the best value for money solutions possible.


To support our vision of a high quality, high value approach to camp development and accommodation management, Australian Camp Services has established a system to provide complete turn-key services. Working with clients across Australia, we can assist in the design, modular sourcing, development, commissioning, operation and shut down of camps of all sizes.

By offering our clients with one point of contact that coordinates and manages all aspects of a camp, we’ve simplified the entire process and found ways to add more value. Adopting a vendor-neutral approach to selecting service providers means we will find the best products at the best prices, delivering you a cost-effective, custom tailored solution.

get in touch

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If you’re interested in working for Australian Camp Services, please download our Job Application Form (Doc 122KB) and email the completed version to .